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Beyond green building

Jovick is leading the way in energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly construction. High-performance homes support the health of our environment by consuming less energy, conserving non-renewable resources, and reducing their carbon footprint while maintaining a high quality of living and lowering monthly utility bills. We see tremendous value for our clients in third-party certification through LEED, Earth Advantage, Net Zero, Energy Star, WaterSense, and the Energy Trust of Oregon.

Jovick specializes in high-performance, LEED-certified custom homes.

Our buildings comply with rigorous third-party standards for energy and water efficiency, low CO2 emissions, non-toxic materials, and environmental materials. These certifications provide measurable data to ensure we build to the highest standards.

Market-verified results allow owners to market their project in alignment with the brand recognition of the standard they choose. In fact, a 2012 study performed by UC Berkeley and UCLA revealed that green-certified homes sell for 9% more than their non-certified market equivalents.



certification-leedJovick specializes in high-performance LEED-certified custom homes. LEED – an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – is an internationally recognized green-building certification system. It provides builders and owners a concise framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design and construction.

Energy Trust Trade Ally Network

certification-etoJovick is a proud member of the Energy Trust Trade Ally Network. Through the Trade Ally Network, we work with The Energy Trust of Oregon to provide economic incentives to owners pursuing the construction of energy-efficient buildings.

Energy Star Partner

certification-energy-starJovick is a proud Energy Star Partner. This benchmarking system evaluates the energy performance and carbon footprint of a home or facility. The program assesses elements such as energy-efficient HVAC systems, water-efficient plumbing fixtures, foam-sealed windows and doors, and drought-resistant landscaping. All Energy Star buildings are verified by an independent third party.

Earth Advantage

certification-earth-advantageWe build Earth Advantage homes, which are certified by third-party inspections and performance tests. The foundation of the certification is built on indoor air quality, responsible use of natural resources, recycling efforts, land protection, and low water usage. The goal of the program is to protect the environment while improving performance of the home.

Earth Advantage Net Zero

Jovick is certified to build Earth Advantage Net Zero homes. They define net zero energy as a home that generates as much energy on site as it uses over the course of each year. EA Net Zero requires proper roof orientation, roof pitch, and roof area as well as EPA solar-ready compliance.


certification-watersenseWaterSense is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program that promotes water-efficient products, programs, and practices to protect future water supplies. As a WaterSense-certified builder, we incorporate water-conserving fixtures, appliances, landscape designs, and irrigation systems in every project we build.


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