About Jovick

What is Jovick Built?

Energy efficient, impeccably crafted, environmentally friendly and aesthetically beautiful: this is what it means to be Jovick Built.

At Jovick, our deeply-held belief is that designing and building are collaborative processes between the owners, builder, architect, and subcontractors. We are skilled in leading a cohesive team that works together to move the project forward — seamlessly and efficiently.

This commitment to teamwork and quality gives our clients multiple champions, with every party bringing together their area of specialization to provide the best possible project outcome.

Nearly all of our projects have been awarded a third-party certification such as LEED or Earth Advantage. This distinction is important to Jovick because we are committed to being accountable to the highest standard of sustainability. Our custom new homes, ranches, farms, homesteads, and commercial projects all have the same exemplary mark of excellence and efficiency.

Jovick works closely with you to make sure your project turns out just the way you envisioned. In addition, we are versed in the latest energy- and water-efficient products. We source local, sustainable materials whenever possible.

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