The Jovick Brand Story

Framed by the land

At Jovick Construction we take pride in building homes, homesteads, and commercial buildings that are not only high performance, but are also framed by the landscape and surrounding nature of the property our customers have chosen.

When we set out to refresh our brand and website, it was equally important that our brand identity and story allow us to showcase the stunning views, rolling hills, and forests of trees that edge our clients’ properties. After all, these are the traits that inspire and frame our perspective as we partner with architects and homeowners to achieve the right end result.


Deep roots and knowledge in Southern Oregon

Our understanding of the Southern Oregon terrain is deeply rooted in our approach to designing and building homesteads.


Rolling hills and roofline peaks

Our logo

The logo exhibits traits of both the rolling hills of Southern Oregon, and roof line peaks of the homes that sprinkle the hilltops. At first glance you see a house on top of a hill, at second glance you see a roof line with a cupola resting atop. No matter your interpretation, both reflect the character of our region.


Textured graphics

Additionally, we brought in textured graphics that reflect the layers of hillsides shadowing one another over the horizon. This simple and modern interpretation of our local landscape provides a flexibility to our brand design that mimics the flexibility of our building process.


Intentional performance

We chose a design that is focused and uncomplicated – much like our approach to building. We craft high performance homes that are intentionally designed to meet energy efficiency and sustainability benchmarks. Similarly, our design conveys our story without over-complicating the conversation.

We invite you to tour our website and projects to learn what it means to be Jovick Built.