Mission & Values

Jovick is guided by our mission, values, & vision

We believe these tenets greatly strengthen our brand, service, and strategies. They motivate and inspire us.

Our mission is Solutions.

That’s it – just one simple word. But this powerful concept anchors everything we do. This means we work as your strategic partner to create sustainable solutions for your unique project and goals.

It also means that we create buildings that are part of a long-term environmental solution – they are exceptionally energy efficient and healthy for their occupants.


Our unique approach is rooted in our
big vision: We’re changing the way
people think about building



Core Values

Our core values are our guiding tenets, informing every one of our decisions and actions:

Do the Right Thing

Jovick places the highest importance on integrity. We are always honest and forthcoming with clients and each other. We care deeply about transparency and we believe good character is crucial to keeping long-lasting relationships with our clients, partners, and contractors.

Build to Last

We’re committed to construction that stands the test of time and is part of a long-term environmental solution. Jovick believes in building techniques that reduce the use of resources, minimize energy loss, and incorporate nontoxic building materials.

Share the Good

We’re stronger because we work in partnership with others, exchanging knowledge and information. Our deeply-held belief is that designing and building is a collaborative process between the client, builder, architect, and subcontractors.


If you share our commitment to honesty, innovation, and sustainability, we’ll get along great!

See how these tenets inform our approach to building.