Hear what our partners and customers have to say about working with Jovick


Talent, expertise, and performance was always reliably superior.

Ellen & Ciaran Barry | Jacksonville, OR

“Dan and his team of craftsmen built our beautiful home from the ground up, and earned a Platinum LEED designation as well. We lived elsewhere while the house was being built, and we needed someone we could completely trust — this was our life savings and our dream home. We had a bumpy start with another contractor who didn’t work out, so by the time we found Dan, we were concerned that our long-distance build would present even more problems. Dan exceeded our expectations.

We had never built a home before, and while we had experience with remodeling portions of our other home in another state, we were particularly anxious about all the things that could go wrong with a long-distance relationship. None of our fears came true. Dan is bright, organized, articulate, and responsive. He has a trusted crew of subcontractors and workers whose talent, expertise, and performance was always reliably superior.

Dan is committed to excellence and has developed a team of people who share his expectations and perform to a high standard. We arranged a schedule and met with him at least monthly as the build progressed, and he was always available to answer questions, anticipate issues, and provide possible solutions. His relaxed manner, and Laurie’s high level of organization, made the on-site visits seamless and informative. We were able to adjust our schedule and budget as the house progressed, and we are delighted with the result. The best part of the experience was the reassurance that we had placed our trust in the right partner.”



Our vision may not have been possible without the Jovicks.

Dr. & Mrs. Kepler | Ashland, OR

“Working with the Jovicks to build our custom home could not have been a better experience. Dan and Laurie are a spectacular team, complementing each other’s skills to cover every need. Dan is thorough, reliable and detail-oriented with a high standard for quality and durability. His communication skills are outstanding and, while extremely knowledgeable in his field, he was willing to investigate alternative options. All of this Dan does with a laid-back, respectful demeanor that sets a client at ease, even in the most stressful of times. Laurie brings a high level of professionalism to the project. She has wonderful design sense and helped us wade through finishes. Her sourcing ability is also invaluable – she can track down anything! She, too, is detail-oriented in the budgeting department, keeping a project transparent and accountable.

Our vision may not have been possible without the Jovicks. Our property had a 40-year-old rambler on it, the interior of which was completely cigarette-smoke saturated. We aspired to salvage whatever materials we could for our new home and Dan willingly inspected the crawl space and ceiling cavity to discover the gorgeous vertical-grain Douglas fir sub-floor and skip-sheathing that is virtually non-existent in today’s lumber yards. He was as excited as we were to deconstruct the house and reuse everything possible, including the cedar decking for siding, straight wall studs for an accent wall, a glue-lam beam for stair treads, and that same sub-floor for a ceiling and all the interior trim. Not a single other builder would consider deconstructing the original house as there was “nothing worth keeping” in it. We disagreed with that assessment and are so grateful that the Jovicks shared our mindset. And, they built us a Platinum LEED certified home!”



Enthusiastic about all of our goals.

Kelly Weisheipl & John Baxter | Ashland, OR

“When we started looking for a contractor, we knew our project was a challenging one. We bought an amateur-built 1947 house in the woods that had no insulation, antiquated plumbing, and dangerous wiring. Still, the house had a charming design that we wanted to replicate while rebuilding it to the highest standards of quality and energy efficiency.

We looked for a contractor who shared our values. We wanted to “build green,” which to us meant salvaging and reusing as much of the materials from the old house as we could, sourcing new materials locally, and employing cutting-edge energy efficiency strategies. Of course, we also had a budget to meet. There aren’t many contractors who are willing to undertake a project with those limitations. After meeting Dan, we knew he was our guy. He was enthusiastic about all of our goals. Not only did we find Dan’s quality standards exceptional, all of his subcontractors shared his commitment and were a joy to work with.

Dan always puts his clients first. When problems arose – and they always do when you’re building a house – we could count on Dan to do what was necessary to solve those problems in our favor. Whenever we had a concern, Dan would address it in a patient, reassuring manner. We think Dan’s communication style was key to successfully working together.

There are countless details that have to be addressed to see a project like ours to its completion. Dan followed through on every last one of them – even little stuff that came up long after we had moved back into our amazing new house. If someone were to ask us if we’d undertake a project like this again, our answer would be “only if we could work with Jovick Construction.”



Prompt, organized and did an outstanding job!

D. Daehler, Liquid Assets Wine Bar |
Ashland, OR

“We hired Jovick Construction to add 400 sq. ft. of dining room to our wine bar in Ashland. We had a rigorous time frame to have the work completed and we needed an extremely meticulous job done.

We had seen several jobs previously that Jovick Construction had done on our street and in our neighborhood; we were impressed by their attention to detail, their ability to blend old and new construction on repairs, and by the cleanest construction site that we’ve ever seen. When we needed our own work done we never hesitated to hire Jovick Construction.

We are so pleased with the work that they did for us; as we expected they were professional, prompt, organized and did an outstanding job in terms of quality, at a fair price. They also introduced us to several “green” options to create a healthier environment for us and our customers. Thank you Dan and Laurie for making our project so easy.

We proudly recommend Jovick Construction for any work that you need done; from new building to remodeling.”



Inspiring to work with.

Carlos Delgado, Carlos Delgado Architect LLC | Ashland, OR

“It has been inspiring to work with Jovick Construction. They have been reliable to increase the level of standards and truly monitor the quality in subcontractors on all of our projects. I rely on their experience to track what is working on a practical level with “green” construction techniques. This is invaluable to both my architectural practice and for our clients. Dan and Laurie, as a team, have made our projects run well and have instilled confidence in all parties during the construction process.”



You won’t find friendlier or more fun people to work with!

Penny Austin & Alan Bergstrom | Ashland, OR

“We would enthusiastically recommend Dan Jovick and Jovick Construction for anyone considering a building or remodel project. They completed a remodel/addition to our master bedroom and bath and did an outstanding job- on time and on budget. After a less than positive kitchen remodel with a different contractor, we knew what we wanted on this project and Dan delivered. Attention to detail, willingness to work with the design, and helpful suggestions are all part of the package. Dan is professional, honest, and he and his crew do beautiful, quality work as well as being a leader in green and eco-friendly construction. An added bonus- you won’t find friendlier or more fun people to work with! We plan on using Jovick Construction on future projects.”



Creative, integrity-filled professionals.

DeAnna Sickler, Principal Broker at John L. Scott Real Estate

“Dan Jovick and his team at Jovick Construction are fabulous and I don’t hesitate for a moment to refer them. Whether it’s a complete rebuild, a remodeling project or just to brainstorm the possibilities, he is consistently my “Go-To” person and has never let me down.

My clients and I have always appreciated his “straight shooter” mentality in providing information they can rely on. He doesn’t under bid his work just to get the job which is so important. He is also willing to tell you if you what you want just isn’t feasible, even though it means he just turned away work.

The quality of craftsmanship coming from Dan and his company is superb. He teams up with other creative, integrity-filled professionals to deliver as promised. Visiting his job sites will pleasantly surprise you as you’ll find he keeps the area spotless as if it were his own mother-in-law’s place.

Give Jovick Construction a call for your next project. You’ll be glad you did.”



We’re thrilled with our new space; it’s beautiful and efficient.

Neal Schuler | Ashland, OR

“My wife Janet and I employed Dan and Laurie to build a guest cottage for our Ashland home. The design of our house is distinctive and we wanted to carry the look and feel into our new space. Dan and Laurie were completely on board from the beginning of the project. They recommended an excellent architect, Carlos Delgado, and together we created a plan that was impressive and affordable. From the excavation to the framing and finish, both Dan and Laurie were communicative, flexible and fun to work with. All the subcontractors were top notch craftsman, polite, and a pleasure to have around. The project came in on budget and on time. We’re thrilled with our new space; it’s beautiful and efficient. I would enthusiastically recommend Dan and Laurie for any building project.”



The results were masterful and beautiful.

Gail L. Richter, Former Facility Manager | Ashland, OR

“My house was transformed by Jovick Construction. Dan, owner of the company, has a team of craftsmen who reconstructed my bathroom, dining area, coat closet (into entertainment center), and created a full clothes closet in the study. In addition, Dan’s master flooring specialist laid a beautiful wood floor and retiled the walls and floor of my bathroom. The results were masterful and beautiful, and my house was consistently clean and spotless after a day’s work. Dan explained, in just enough detail, how the schedule was progressing (which was on time as promised), and was incredibly adept at last minute changes so that I was completely satisfied.

The other owner, Laurie Jovick, managed the design and decorating realms. She did magic with a very small space so that my myriad of purses, shoes, clothes, books and art objects are artfully and aesthetically displayed or hidden, as appropriate. Laurie listened to the feeling and preferences I wanted in my home, and brought those to reality with her suggestions of fabric, furniture, flooring and placement. She was assiduous at working out problems or ‘challenges’ as she called them, and her ideas were remarkably creative.

I would recommend Jovick Construction to anyone looking to embark on small renovation or major construction. Dan and Laurie actually made the project fun with their cheerful, can do personalities and their fulfillment of promises.”



Highly recommend their enthusiasm and craftsmanship.

Tom Sager, Carlos Delgado Architect LLC | Ashland, OR

“We have worked with Jovick Construction on many projects and are pleased to include them on our favorite contractors list. Dan and Laurie are continually searching for ways to not only make their construction projects as green as they can be, but are looking at cost saving strategies at the same time. We highly recommend their enthusiasm and craftsmanship on any project.”



Eager to build with green and sustainable practices.

John Spillman | Ashland, OR

“Dan and Laurie of Jovick Construction have been fantastic to work with. As the green rater for one of their LEED for Homes projects, I found Jovick Construction to be engaged, responsive, and eager to build with green and sustainable practices. They strive to incorporate the proven building science into their projects as well as keep current on the latest trends in sustainable home building. I would recommend Jovick Construction to a friend who wanted to build green.”



Walked us through the entire building process.

Lois Brewer | Ashland, OR

“I am sure that you will agree that building a new house must be one of the most important decisions that you will make. Secondly, hiring a contractor is also an important one. We were blessed in hiring Dan Jovick of Jovick Construction.

Dan has walked us through the entire building process. He and his entire crew were available to answer any and all questions. It is important to get a contractor who is honest. Dan Jovick is honest to the core and his word is his bond.”



Impressed by their professionalism and care.

Green Mountain Woodworks | Talent, OR

“Having worked with Jovick Construction on several projects, we have been impressed by their professionalism and care. Communication is both clear and thorough. Seeing them interface with other sub-contractors and their clients, it’s clear that they value relationships and quality.”